Want to talk cocktail culture? So do we. Explore the why and how of all things fermented (of course).

Do You Know What Is In That Cheap Bottle of Wine?

Do you know what is in that cheap bottle of wine? Your head might thank you. It is not as if wines that cost less than $10 are always going to make you feel bad or that wines that cost more than $100 are never going to leave you with a hangover.  How much wine you...

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Lemon vs. Lime

Lemon vs. lime in your drink. What’s the difference? Cocktails, like most things, are all about balance. A great cocktail can take many different forms, but the one thing that unites all great cocktails is a perfect balance. It is well known that fresh citrus is a...

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Host a beer tasting for your next party

Have you and your friends ever wanted to learn more about beer, not just drink it? Why not host a beer tasting party in your home? It is far cheaper than paying for beers at a bar. It also allows you try a wider range of samples and is a great way to learn what you...

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Shaken vs. Stirred

Shaken vs. Stirred. What’s the difference and when should you do what? When should a cocktail be shaken and when should it be stirred? The rules say that you should shake cocktails when the recipe includes fruit juices, cream liqueurs, simple syrup, sour mix, egg,...

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How to Pair a Wine with Soup

It’s that time of year. With the cold weather, you should know how to pair wine with soup. There are a lot articles out there talking about the challenges of pairing soup with wine. But you know what? Pairing soup and wine doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s...

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The Perfect Glass of Bubbly

Love yourself some bubbly? You don’t have to spend champagne dollars to get incredible Champagne taste. Some one million bubbles form in the average glass of Champagne. Bubbles make Champagne look sexy and taste better. They begin life in the bottle as dissolved air,...

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